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Upcycling Projects

This line of my work is all about 'reclaim', 'save', 'enhance' and transform to ensure that old items that arrive at Essentiallywood can have a new life. 

Please get in contact with projects that might achieve this.

An example of this line of work Walnut Bistro set

The pink metal chairs and table were rusty, faded and uncomfortable.

They were taken apart, slats removed, sanded down and treated with Vactan rust converter and primer. I then used a vibrant colour to transform the metal.

I used some reclaimed walnut floor boards, planed and sanded them up and prepared with Osmo UV oil. Coach bolts were used to fix them onto the metal frame. The colour selected for the metal brings out the beauty of the walnut. 

The timber slats make a very much more comfortable seat and back rest than was the case previously.

old pink.jpg
bistro 2 detail.jpg
full bistro.jpg
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