Give the gift of a Bird Nesting Box

Why not buy a voucher for a loved one for that special occasion? It can be spent on a nesting box for the bird of their choice, made specifically to their preferences (within RSPB guidance too). All boxes are made from 15mm Hardwood plywood as standard. To get an idea of how much to buy the voucher for, simply use the menu below to calculate your gift price.  


Size of the Box/Breed of Bird of the Bird


The breed of bird denotes the size and thereby cost of the nesting box

Sparrows/Robins/Blue Tits  - £25

Blackbirds/Starlings - £35

Barn Owls - £50

Tawny Owls - £75

Sparrow Terrace (3 boxes grouped together) - £60



Choose the look of the finished box (three coats of each)


Tung Oil - Transparent - £0 (this will give a rustic look)

Waterproof Paint - Seagrass, Wild Thyme, or  Silver Birch - £5 (see colours chart below)



Hole to 'hang' it from a wall or tree - £0

Bolts (to fix into wall/fence) - £2.50

Ratchet tie down strap (for Tawny owl Boxes only) to secure around the branch - £15.00

Note its best not to hammer nails into trees as this can damage the tree.

Wild Thyme
wild thyme.png
Silver Birch
silver birch.png