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Garden bird nesting boxes - For sale from the online shop

Essentially Wood produces nesting boxes for a variety of birds in line with RSPB guidance. All boxes are designed to be safe, warm and well ventilated places for birds to inhabit,  access design and dimension is determined by the variety of bird. The boxes can be easily cleaned at intervals as the roof can be easily lifted.

The boxes are made from sustainable (FSC accredited) 15mm hardwood plywood with good insulation properties making them warm in Winter and cool in Summer. They are finished with non toxic Tung oil giving them water resistant properties whilst being good for the environment or water based paint.  All potential water ingress points are further protected by clear silicon. and the roof has a  waterproof hinge.

Round Entrance holes

Tit Family Boxes (h 300 x w 150 x d 120mm) 25-32 mm diametre access hole £30

House Sparrow boxes (h300 x w 150 x d 120mm) 32mm diametre access hole  £30

Sparrow Terraces (they ike living as a community) £50

(Other birds can be accommodated; Housemartins, Nuthatch, Woodpeckers and Starlings etc) 


Open fronted design

Robin boxes (h 300 x w 150 x d 120 mm)  £30

Blackbirds/Starlings boxes (h 355 x w 304 x d 152mm )  £35

Other birds can be accommodated; Wrens, Swifts, Owls, Jackdaws etc) - get in contact if you have any specific needs


Boxes are either left with natural timber look, and coated with Tung oil or can be painted in one of these three colours;


wild thyme.png
silver birch.png
Nesting boxes.jpg
Boxes for Blue tit, Sparrow and Robin
Blue tit box.jpg

Round entrance hole design

Robin box.jpg

Open fronted design

all Postage and Packing to be added

All boxes come with basic instructions of how to locate and manage the box to offer the best opportunity of birds deciding to use it for nesting 

Sparrow terrace front.jpg

Sparrow Terrace

Wild Thyme                         Silver Birch                    Seagrass
cologne robin.jpg

Would like to give an original Present?

Why not buy a voucher for a loved one for that special occasion? It can be spent on a nesting box for the bird of their choice, made specifically to their preferences (within RSPB guidance too). These vouchers start at £30 and are easy for your recipient to use simply pick from a 'menu' of  specifications and place the order.

Please contact see more information here

Robin Tables - For sale from the online shop

These Robin tables are an affordable way of encouraging Robins into your garden. When placed away from cats and squirrels with a good supply of meal worms they are a very popular destination for the beautiful Robin.


Robin tables £12


PS Essentially Wood provides your Robin's first meal of worms with every table sold.


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