Food Preparation/Presentation Boards

Boards from local London timber sourced from FSC credited suppliers. 

Choose from clean geometric lengths or a more natural look with the edging following the grain of the wood.

Although there is often a stock of boards to buy 'off the shelf' most of the sales are created to the customers dimensions, design and timber choice so that it suits the specific kitchen or dining room. 

The boards are costed dependant on the price of the timber and the amount of work involved. Small boards start at £25 and Large boards range from £35


Walnut whole board with rustic edge


London Plane board with square edge

blck close up.jpg

European white Oak stained creating the beautiful pitch black look


London Plane whole board with rustic edge

Birch whole plank board with rustic edge

London Plane Commission.jpg

London Plane edge grain square edge with drip channel

close up board.jpg

London Plane edge grain block showing characteristic 'lace' grain